Custom, handmade hula hoops for sale in Kelowna, BC

Infinity Hoops Polypro Hoops

Infinity Hula Hoops $65

Our infinity hula hoops are made from 3/4” (inside diameter), 100 PSI HDPE tubing. They are ideal for beginners as well as intermediates as they are heavy enough for those who are just learning to hoop, and responsive enough for those transitioning into intermediate and advanced moves. Infinity hoops are more typically used for on-body hoop tricks, and a good choice for beginner hoopers.

These hoops are infinity collapsible if they are 36” or bigger in diameter, which means that they can be twisted into an infinity shape and then folded over into a smaller hoop for more convenient travel!

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Polypro Hula Hoops $50

Our polypro hula hoops are made from 3/4” (outside diameter) natural polypropylene tubing. Polypro hoops are very light and responsive, and great for breaks and off-body moves. Anyone can use a polypro hoop, but because of how light and fast they are, they are ideal for intermediate to advanced hoopers.

Our polypro hoops are push-button collapsible, making them easy to travel with. There is one connector and a push-button, allowing you to pull the ends apart and coil it up into a smaller hoop for convenience. Hot tip: You can also use these connectors to join multiple polypro hoops together to create one super hoop! :P

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Picking the right size of Hula Hoop

Common Diameters: 34” / 36” / 38” / 40”

The bigger the hoop, the heavier it will be and the slower it will move. For your first hoop, a bigger diameter will be easier for learning. If you are an intermediate or you want to kick it up a notch, a smaller size might be better for you. One good method for picking the right size for you is to measure the height from your belly button to the floor while standing.

Need help picking a size? Let us know!

Hooping in Kelowna City Park

Check out our first video we made, filmed in Kelowna City Park to the musical stylings of GRiZ.