Infinity Hula Hoops

Design your own infinity hula hoop

Or choose from one of our ready-to-go handmade hula hoops on our Facebook page.

Infinity hoops are $65 or 2 or more for $60 each.

Step 1. Choose your hoop size

Common Diameters: 34” / 36” / 38” / 40”

The bigger the hoop, the heavier it will be and the slower it will move. For your first hoop, a bigger diameter will be easier for learning. If you are an intermediate or you want to kick it up a notch, a smaller size might be better for you as the hoop will be faster, lighter, and more responsive. If you have no idea what size to choose, you can try measuring the height from your belly button to the floor while standing for a rough idea. If you need help picking the right size for you, let us know!

Step 2. Choose your colour combo

Electric Slide Hoop Tape
Electric Slide

Firestone Hoop Tape

Ocean Eyes Hoop Tape
Ocean Eyes

Struttin Hoop tape
Struttin’ (Sparkley tape available in red, gold, pink, and blue)

You can also request a custom colour combination!

Step 3. Order your hoop

Fill out the contact form below to order your new custom made infinity hoop!

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