Polypro Hula Hoops

Design your own polypro hula hoop

Or choose from one of our ready-to-go handmade hula hoops on our Facebook page.

Polypro hoops are $50 or 2 or more for $45 each.

Step 1. Choose your hoop size

Common Diameters: 30” / 32” / 34” / 36”

If you are ordering a polypro hoop, you probably have some experience hooping and have a good idea of what size of hoop you need. If not, email us and we will help you pick the right size.

Step 2. Choose your hoop colour

Caribbean Breeze (iridescent), Purple Daze (iridescent), UV Yellow (UV reactive)

Polypro hoops

Caribbean Breeze hula hoop Purple daze hula hoop UV Yellow hula hoop

You can also request to have your polypro hoop taped for an additional cost.

Step 3. Order your hoop

Fill out the contact form below to order your new custom made polypro hoop!

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